Abigail is a nine year-old girl with brown hair and brown eyes.  She is Alexander and Joshua's younger sister.

Additional Info

Before the time travel occurred, Abigail had been shot by Joshua by mistake shortly after their parents were murdered.

Abigail currently lives on a farm with her two older brothers.  She has heart problems due to the same disease that Alex had, though her condition isn't as bad.  She is envious of her brothers because they have their own Cervidae horses and she still does not.  

In The Web/Roleplay, she sees Pit and Gibs trying to scare away a mare and her foals, who were in turn trying to scare them away.  After Pit leaves, Abigail goes outside of her house where she had been hiding and gave the mare and her two fillies some water and food.  The mare, who is named Juno, then becomes Abby's horse. 

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