Ace is 16 years old, he has blond hair and brown eyes. He has a blood red looking power and he can kill himself if he uses his power too much, and he has one eye.

Additional info

Ace lived in The Kashin village when his village was destroyed by monsters who also killed his parents. Ace and a woman were the only ones to survive the monster attack. Ace was sent away to live in Zaark village so he could not be hurt by the monsters. He made new friends that treated him like family. Then the monsters invaded Zaark,(Ace was 13 when this happened) and Ace suddenly used this power that was blood red and destroyed the monsters along with his people (Ace didn't kill his people on purpose). Ace woke up 3 years later to find the village destroyed (Ace is not that powerful, he is kind of weak, and can't control his power).


this is the Ace (made by the amazing icewish)