Acro is a large orca whale that has appear as a an underwater level boss in Kirby games.

 Additional info

Acro lives on the planet Aqua Star.

In Kirby's dream land 3:

Acro is the boss of Ripple Field, having been disturbed by King Dedede. The battle starts off in a cavern with Acro walking on her tail-fins, then leaping at Kirby and crashing into one of the cave walls - knocking off a large boulder that can be inhaled and used as ammo against her.

After taking enough damage Acro will destroy the cavern floor, in turn making them both plunge into the water below where the rest of the fight takes place. Acro swims back and forth spitting out various objects like anchors, skulls and even baby whales, which Kirby must push back at her by blowing bubbles at them. Anchors cannot be blown back and the mini-whales float up and down, making it difficult to push back. Once Acro reaches one of the walls, she will swim forward at great force, crashing into it and creating a large undersea avalanche. Kirby has the chance to drive these falling rocks back at Acro as he simultaneously dodges the rest.

In the rp, Acro wakes up after a long slumber.


  • Roleplay
First Roleplay Mentioned In Strange new worlds
Last Roleplay Mentioned In strange new worlds
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe kirby
Homeland Aquastar
Species orca whale
Profession/Occupation Unknown
Roleplayed by johnson ace


  • Acro is based on a female whale
  • Acro is orca backwards. Acro is an orca whale.



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