Aiyana is a very talkative, yet vicious liger from space! Her favorite food is flan (vegetarian liger) and she is the personalized character of Edme. (Note: She is an exaggerated version of Edme.)

First Roleplay Mentioned In The Runner/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Runner/Roleplay
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe None
Homeland Ligers-are-coolia
Species Liger
Profession/Occupation None
Roleplayed by Edme

Additional Info

She is from a distant planet known as Ligers-are-coolia, which is in a star-clusterbillions of lightyears away. She is known in her planet to talk nonstop for 13 hours and 55 minutes (record holder.) She also has a habit of waking up very early and waking others up. She got kicked off her planet for this.

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