Anima is a ghost who rescues people from the brink of death.  She can only appear in front of people for a short amount of time (about five minutes) but during this time she is seen as a girl in her early teens wearing a tattered dress.  She is depicted as being a ghostly blue.

Additional Info

Anima has been called "The kindness that the deaf can hear and the blind can see," because she tries to save people who are close to death as much as possible and can be heard and seen even by those who lack these senses.  She is invisible most of the time, and people who end up in her house leave not knowing who had saved them.  The only exception to this is Patroclus, who she seems to care for greatly for an unknown reason.  When he sets out to go save the world from Kogari, she follows him quietly so he wouldn't know that she was their.

Her ability to become visible to the blind and allow the deaf to see her comes from some sort of telepathy that she possesses.  She is able to see into the minds of those she rescues for an unknown reason, and is therefore able to communicate with them.

Her house is located near the Caligo Mountains in Hyrule.


  • Her name comes from the Latin word for "soul" or "spirit."

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