Apia is the largest region of Simia and home to Lord primius simi Gargrilla

Additional info


Decades ago, when Simia had 15 moons, the first Simians discovered Apia and named it after their ruler. The name of this ruler was King Hercules ape Gargrilla. He is Pirmius's great great great great great great great grandfather. Soon, the Simians began to invade other areas and Apia was left behind. Now, it is in a neutral position. There is no small government running the region, unlike all the other ones. Because it is probably the most important region, there is a large government running this. This is the same government that controls Simia as the land is 3 times as big. Every kind of Simian lives here. Originally, there was every kind of Simian. Some of these went on to establish other regions based on their kind of Simian but still today, Apia is the largest area of Simia and would be the best place to control.  All kinds of Simians are here.


Apia s the largest region. It is 3 times as big as all the other regions put together! This means that is very important. In the centre lies the government that controls Simia. Apia is mostly just lots and lots of trees, which means a heavy population. There is some technology and there can be caves and lakes with huge temples and shrines dedicated to the Primate.

The only way to get out of Simia is to go on the bridge connecting Apia to Callitrichand. Apia is not connected to any other region. Unless, of cause they would be some way of getting across Ape waters to Hutina (new catapult inventions on Simia challenge this).


The word comes from ape

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