Arietem is a Cervidae stallion with blue fur and aqua stripes, gold ram horns, and gold spines running down his back.  His eyes are also gold and his mane and tail are silver.

Additional Info

Arietem is Alexander's horse.  He was born a wild horse, but was saved by Alex when both the horse and the boy were very young, accepting him as his master.  Arietem is considered extremely valuable due to his ram horns and gold eyes, being extreamly rare and desireable traits in the Cervidae species.  Rich people have often tried to capture him, but every time he has escaped.

Arietem is very protective over Alex, more so than most Cervidae are to their owners, due to his heart's condition.  He feels extreamly guilty about Alex falling ill, because the water that Arietem was drowning in was contaminated with the virus, so when Alex dove in after the foal he contracted the virus.  

Arietem's older brother is Colby, who happens to be Joshua's horse.  The two share a relationship smilar to Alex and Joshua's: The older brother is an arrogant pain in the neck and the younger brother really wants to kill him but can't.

Icy's Artwork

Arietem (Old character artwork)


  • "Arietem" means "ram" in Latin, an he is named this because of his ram-like horns.

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