Request bacchus by blizzardfang123-d5nj5f9.png

Artwork by Icy


First Roleplay Mentioned In The Runner/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Ad Salvandas Sol/Roleplay
Mother None
Father None
Siblings Minerva
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe None
Homeland Unknown
Species Golden Retriever
Profession/Occupation Unknown
Roleplayed by Edme

Bacchus is a male golden retriever.

Additional Info

Bacchus was born by an unknown force, but he took care of himself until he was finally caught by poachers. He still managed to escape, and was taken care of by a little boy. He later grew up, but his masters had all died in an accident. Bacchus then went searching for another master, but had trouble. Until he found Chaos...

He has a power involving fire, although it comes with a horrible cost. He can control the fire, turn into fire, and is resistant to fire, but this can only be used if he was angry, but if he gets too much out of control, he can be consumed by the flames, and transform into an uncontrollable fiery demon.

His sister, Minerva, is his opposite. They were rivals as pups, and they never met each other for a long time, after they were seperated at a young age.

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