A drawing of Blazeman by Frostsoul1324

Blaze Man (also spelled Blazeman, Blaze man and BlazeMan) is a fan character from the megaman series. He is a red Robot with brown, orange and yellow parts (see picture to right). On his left hand is a large vulcan known as Blaze Gatling. It shoots rapid fire sparks that all together perform great knockback. When he prepares for battle, the blaze gatling extends to double it's size. It also uses the variable weapons system, which has the ability to copy another robot's abilities through physical interface. Sadly, robots are rare in many parts of the world.

Additional Information

Made as a secret fighting robot by an evil scientist, Blaze Man was created to be the ultamite fighting robot, ruthless, powerful, and above all, completely loyal to his creater. However, he was released by a powerful earthquake (caused by one of the scientists failures) before the personality was created and made a quick gettaway. Instead of a ruthless evil fighting robot, Blazeman emurged as a curious, kind robot, with no idea of the world around him. Another scientist studying robots soon took him in and taught him. Ever curious though, he soon set out on his own, helping others on his way.

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