Boon is a region of Simia

Additional info


It has been recorded that Boon was one of the last regions to be discovered.  In the early ages of Boon, it was very beautiful with exotic plants and was home to tribes of Baboon Simians.  Boon was called Babonya and was the 2nd most beautiful region, the 1st being Apia. But then, as the evil spread, experiments were done and Babonya was split into two. The left side of Babonya was the evil side, with thievies, poisonous plants and animals with bogs.  The right side remained Babonya. Wars broke out and eventually Babonya was named Boon.


As i have said, Boon is split into 2. The left side is full of evil, bogs, poison and thievies and the right side is filled with beautiful exotic plants. it is said that there are beautiful creatures on Babonya such as the Trunkii but on the other side, there are the venoweed, the slither and mutant Simians such as the Webbed ones whom are spider monkies.


  • A notible weapon that is used in Boon is the baboonerang, a kind of boomerang with spikes.

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