This is Breloom.

Breloom is a character RPed by Ftaghn.

Additional Info

Breloom is a Breloom, as can be clearly seen by the image to the right. He is generally shy and introverted, but he is very powerful in battle. He knows many jokes, but usually doesn't tell any (he rarely speaks at all, finding it difficult because he has no lips). He is very skilled at repairing machinery. Breloom can often be found in damp, cool environments, perfect for a fungus. He enjoys training with other warriors. His homeland is Petalburg Woods in the Hoenn region, and he spent his entire life prior to the RPs in that location. For this reason, he can navigate in Hoenn extremely well and knows the woods area better than almost anyone else.

Known Moves

Breloom's moves are: Spore, Focus Punch, Bullet Seed, and Brick Break. His Ability is Effect Spore and his Nature is Lonely.

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