Burrows is a keen miner mole and second in command of Lord Moley, the leader of the moles on Rock Star. Rock Star is in Kirby's galaxy.

Additional info

Burrows was created by Johnson ace. He is the second in command of the moles on Rock Star.  He is first seen on the strange new worlds rp when the moles are ordered to attack the dark matter in the mines. Moley said that this is where the dark matter are coming from.


Mole Miner5
First Roleplay Mentioned In Strange new worlds
Last Roleplay Mentioned In strange new worlds
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings mole thieves.
Video game universe
Video game universe      none, fanmade
Homeland Rock Star
Species mole
Profession/Occupation thief/miner/2nd in command
Roleplayed by Johnson ace (i also created him)

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