Callitrichand is a region of Simia

Additional info


Is has been argued when exactly Callitrichand was found but it is said it was the 2nd or 3rd region to be found.  The reason for this is because the Simians that live there are very old. The arguments for this is one of the reasons why Callitrichand has been fighting a war against Colo.

Originally, there were two different countries, Lemii, home to the lemur simians and Cal. There was a war and Cal won, Brutally slaughtering all Lemii Simians. Only a few exist. cal claimed Lemii for its own and renamed the whole area Callitrichand in remembrance. Only a few Lemii Simians exist now, such as Doctor Vine.


Marmoset and tamarin Simians live here. They are very religious and have built some monastaries.

Callitrichand lies between Colo and Boon, the desert separating Boon from it and a strong border into Colo. There is a bridge connecting it to Apia.


  • Not much is known about this place.

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