Cato is a fifteen year old boy with short, brown hair and dark brown eyes.  He wears circular glasses and can not see at all without them.  He is skinny and lanky in appearance and isn't very physically strong, though he is very smart and can be very mean at times, so people tend not to mess with him.  He normally wears a short-sleeved red t-shirt and black pants which are tucked into combat boots.  There are multiple scars across his arms and legs.

Additional Info


Cato was raised in the same neighborhood as Lysander.  Both of his parents were terrible alcoholics and fought often.  Terrified, he and his younger sister would often hide in a closet or under a bed.  A Wraith (a small cat-wraith) broke into his house while his parents were unconscious and heavily intoxicated.  Cato was able to fight off the wraith, though it killed his infant sister before fleeing.  

Role in the Story, "Just a Memory":

Cato is a close friend of Lysander.  The two attended the same school and were transferred to the Kryo Academy of Education at the same time when they started middle school.  The two didn't talk much before they transferred schools, however, but Cato did tell Lysander that he should show Prof. Ilios the "trick" he could preform which caused small, blue flames to appear in his hands. 

Cato has been noted, often with the help of Roxane, to have saved Lysander's life several times. 

After Lysander leaves Kryo, Cato still attends the academy with Roxane.  He never admits that he misses Lysander, but he says "I do admit it's been a lot quieter without Lysander around."


Cato is very intelligent, but he is extremely blunt, sarcastic, and mean. Though, he generally only acts this way towards his enemies. It's very likely that he acts this way to avoid being beaten up, since he can't fight very well, and it seems to work. He thinks of bullies as "Not the smartest bunch in the world. For most of them, it's just an act, empty threats, and if you act that way back to them they're not intelligent enough to see through it. They'll either grow out of it in time or become the pathetic rejects of society."

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