Cervidae resemble a cross between a horse and a deer native to Natura. They walk on four legs which end in cloven hooves, and have horns located on their heads and backs. They mostly have blue fur, but other coat colors have been found.

Additional Info

Cervidae are the "horses" of Natura and are called so by the people who live there.  They can be found in the wild, but are considered domesticated and seem to enjoy the company of people.  They are used for farm work, companionship, and racing, just like any ordinary horse.

They are known to be extreamly intelligent an can perform very complex tasks.  They are known to mourn for the loss of their family members (much like elephants), and are very protective of those they care about.  They also name their offspring, and if a Cervidea is tamed by a human their new owner will instantly know their name.

They have five natural gaits: the walk, trot, canter, gallop, and the salira, which is unique to their species and almost looks like a deer running with some variations.

Cervidae horns come in four styles: deer, pronghorn, moose, and the most uncommon, ram. Cervidae with ram horns are considered more valuable because it is rare. Their eyes are commonly blue and green, though gold and red eyes are very rare.  These creatures can also have deer or horse tails, though horse tails are more common.

The Cervidea have a holiday dedicated to them call Cervi-day

Cervidea and their owners develope a bond imediatly as soon as they meet.  The horse can understand everything its owner says and will be loyal to him or her forever, and in turn its owner will be able to roughly understand what the horse is trying to say. 

Notable Members





  • The name "Cervidae" comes from the family of animals of the same name.  The Cervidae family consists of deer.

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