Cher Ami is an Iris Avis bird that is used to deliver messages by air. He is missing a leg that was shot off by an arrow.

Additional Info

Cher Ami is a blue and white bird with yellow-orange eyes. He is used as a messenger to send messages long distances relatively fast by air. He delivered Patrol 1's message about the enemy to Hyrule Capital even after having his leg shot off.

After the Hyrulean Army won the war, Cheri Ami was given the medal of the highest honor in Hyrule along with Link, Patrol 1, Argi, and Legend.

A Roleplay Post About Cher Ami

(This is when Cher Ami is delivering Patrol 1's message to Hyrule)

Cher Ami was flying as fast as he could over enemy territory. Ganondorf's army had conquered at least half of Hyrule by now. The little messenger bird could very well change the course of the war in Hyrule's favor if he succeeded. But, trouble soon found him. An enemy soldier shot an arrow to his leg, causing him to crash. In extreme pain and without a leg, Cher Ami thought he was going to die. Though, he refused to let his comrades down. He somehow was able to take flight again, and landed in one of Hyrule Castle's rooms.

Zelda saw Cher Ami with the message. She took the piece of paper and rushed the little bird to the closest medic, who was Argi, Itzal's older brother. Argi intimately treated Cher Ami's wounds, thankful that the little bird, despite being shot down, delivered the message that saved his brother's and many others' lives.

By the morning, Cher Ami was fine, and Hyrule was ready to strike....


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