Ciphra Spes is a monster that puts a spell under its victims, creating their worst fear inside their minds.  The monster is often called a "she" due to its feminine name, and resembles a cat or fox-like monster.

Additional Info

Ciphra Spes is a monster of Hylain myths. Its spell is unbreakable unless its victim's fear is conquered. Once the spell is broken, the monster will "die." It is the last battle in The Cave of Nex and lives in The Room of Fear.

The spell Ciphra Spes casts on its victim's causes them to think that there worst fear is a reality. Even though the enemies are not real, they cause real damage. Again, the only way to break the spell and defeat the monster is if the person overcomes his or her fear.


  • Spes was the Roman goddess of hope, though, the origin of the name of the monster "Ciphra Spes" is unknown.
  • Ciphra Spes' design was originally a blob of a tar-like substance with one, red eye and many arm-like appendages. This was changed to a fox because the original design resembled another monster in the cave, Daemone Lumina Mille, far to closely.
    • Due to this change in her design, the monster now resembles the Pokemon Zoroark, which also can make illusions appear.

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