The Cosmic Beasts live in the space between planes. Nin is one of them, but the rest have exiled him for meddling in mortal affairs too much.

Additional Info:

The Cosmic Beasts are extremely powerful entities who are not life as we know it but are forced to take on the appearence of organisms in order to enter planes. A list of them follows:

Nin- Takes on the form of a feathered dragon. Contacts mortals very often.

Ot-Al- Appears as a floating frog engulfed in cloud. Enigmatic and intelligent, he is a benevolent master.

Urixis- Appears as a mass of tentacles with several eyes in random places. Generally hostile.

Gyn- Looks like a headless, winged, snake. Does not speak but wields immense power.

Fasrek- Appears as a fiery mass of rocks with a horned helmet. Horrible to behold and treats mortals even worse.

Viim- Takes on the form of a skeletal fish. Wisest of the Beasts, he sides with whoever has a better chance of attaining enlightenment.

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