Daemone Lumina Mille is a monster that has a thousand red eyes.

Additional Info

Daemone Lumina Mille is often shorted to just "Lumina Mille." It is a monster that is told about in Hyrule myths. Parents and grandparents would say that it would steal childrens' eyes if they didn't behave. The other myth behind this monster is that it would live in a cave in the Faron Province of Hyrule. It would steal the eyes of people who came near it and die them red with the person's own blood. It is said that the hero before Link had slain this monster.

In The Cave of Nex, it is depicted as a monster with many red eyes who's body is a mass of tentacles and ghostly arm-like appendages with talons for fingers. When it stands up a head-like structure is revealed that ironically has no eyes. It also appears to have two "arms" that are larger and stronger than the rest of the arm-like appendages on its body.

It is possible, but extremely difficult, to kill it with regular close-range, physical attacks. The easiest way to kill it is to light all four lanterns on the walls, but these are very high up and the walls can't be climbed. Epona figured out how to kill it and Colt lit the lanterns by jumping off of the walls.

If a previous challenger to the cave enters the cave again, Lumina Mille will have the ability to put the lanturns on the walls back out and will take much less damage then normal.

Icy's Artwork

Eyeball Monster

Daemone Lumina Mille

No, there are not a thousand eyes on this drawing because I can't draw that many eyes.


  • "Daemone Lumina Mille" translates to "Demon of a Thousand Eyes."

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