Donkey Kong is an ape that comes from Jungle Japes. He is the strongest character (stronger than Bowser). He is Rped by Stone Kirby.

Additional Info

DK came from a jungle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Then, when he was really young, Mario, Luigi, and himself all ended up,  Brooklin, far away from their TRUE home (that explains how Mario, Luigi, and DK were all carried by a stork in Yoshi's Island, which takes place in the Mushroom World), that many thought was Brooklyn. One day, he wanted to visit Mario and Luigi. He didn't find them at their house, so he went to the sewers. He smelt Mario and Luigi in a pipe, so he went in. That is how he got to the Mushroom Kingdom.


  • He loves bananas.
  • DK kidnapped Pauline because Mario always mistreated him when he was his pet.
  • Diddy Kong is his nephew.
    • His son is Donkey Kong Jr.

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