Dozers are creatures that live on Simia.

Additional info

Dozers live on Simia. They resemble bulls/buffalos or stags and they fight using their powerful horns. They are placed into categories depending on which of the above animials they are like. Many Simians relie on them for their meat, as it is enough to feed them for at least a day. It is unknown when they started appearing on Simia but it is known there is a secret hidden area where Dozer live in peace. Dozers are considered rare and valuble. Dozers tend to go in small groups of 5 or 6, but a lot of the time there are Dozers that go about on their own. There are leaders to these groups and to be the leader you need to battle the leader and kill them. There have been legends of a great stag with glowing horns named Dalgar, whom leads all he Dozers, because of his tremendous strength and courage.


  • The word "doze" is a another way of saying sleep, so really these creatures' names mean "sleepers"
  • In rare occasions you can get goat and sheep Dozers.

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