Current Alliances Unknown
Past Alliances None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
TV Universe {Template:Tv Universe
Homeland Real World
Species Human
Profession/Occupation Unknown
Roleplayed by Minecraft

Duncan is male from the Total Drama series. He is one of the strongest competers along with Owen and Heather.

In Roleplay

Duncan debuted and is so far only in Frozen Nightmare

In Total Drama

Duncan was in every season but Revenge of the Island but did have a cameo apparence in it. He has former relaonships with Gwen and Courtney. He made it to 4th place in Island, 1st place in most parts of the world in Action, 5th place in World Tour and is unknown when he will be elimitend in All-Stars.


  • Duncan was choosen in a random drawing. The other charater that was going to be rped if she was picked was Fireworm
  • Duncan is the only Total Drama charater with a Mowhack, and also is the only charater with green in his hair along with Dakota.

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