Dyrem is the largest city in Issendrix. Its population is growing slowly and is currently around 42 million NiiVan. The tallest building on Issen, University Tower, is located here.

Additional Info

Dyrem is the home of the cultured and the intelligent. The foremost chemistry labs, theaters, and schools among others are in Dyrem. Fel-Kor lives in a flat in Dyrem. The living area in Dyrem is not ridiculously low; it is more similar to New York than Hong Kong in terms of average floor space. Dyrem is probably the most visually impressive city across all planes, and areas are even more beautiful than the Hyrule Capital City.


Dyrem was originally founded by a king. It was the first city-state to appear in Issendrix. The government, though it was claimed that the leader was a guide of sorts, was a pure dictatorship. The first kings of Dyrem (whose territory eventually expanded to claim all of northern Issendrix) were benevolent leaders, and culture flourished under them. Several weak leaders after the first dynasty had ended did not see society crumbling under them. The last king of the Third Dynasty was killed and a brutal tyrant whose name remains unspoken ascended to power. He wiped out the last shreds of society and knowledge and the vast majority of Dyremers went figuratively underground. Major advances in technology were theorized by these citizens, but they lacked the means to bring life to these inventions. Meanwhile the king had gone to war with the other two primary city-states, Baymor and Kinhotys. Eventually the Dyremers had had enough. They begged the underground Baymorians for help and were delighted with the results. In a vast triple coup, the kings of the three city-states were all assasinated. The NiiVan united under a Socialist system, and they have been living this way for around 340 years.


The city of Dyrem is divided into seven districts. The southwestern area is the Residential District. This area has the most NiiVan within permanent residence. The westernmost district is the Theater District. This district contains almost every theater, radio station, and music hall in Dyrem. The northern region is the Science District. Most laboratories, the only atomic supercollider, and Dyrem's branch of the ISAP (Issendrix Space and Aeronautics Program). The northwestern region is the Docks Distrisct. All shipping to and from Dyrem passes through here. The Shopping District to the east features most of the commercial stores in Dyrem. The central Midtown includes University Tower and most of the schools and major buisnesses of Dyrem. The final district is the Political District, containing City Hall and many of the houses of Dyrem's wealthiest. Even though money is handed out equally by the government each month, it is up to the NiiVan to take care of their money and make it grow. 


Dyrem 2

A breathtaking view of Dyrem. University Tower is visible in the background.

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