Epona is a tall, flaxen chestnut mare with brown eyes. She is Link's horse.

Additional Info

Epona is Link's horse who he met as a small filly. She is very close to her master, and will come to his aid whenever he needs help. If Link plays a small, flute-like charm shaped like a horseshoe, Epona will run to his side.

The Price of Power/Roleplay:

Epona is seen leading the group after Sheik, Zelda, and Ilia are captured.  She, Ness, and Quicksilver navigate the castle and try to find Link.  She, during the battle with Link, seems to not be able to fight him.  Link is eventually freed by hearing Ilia's voice, causing him to remember his past and critically injures himself. 


Link and Epona (Twilight Princess)

Icy's Artwork

Epona Artwork