Thorton is the head of the battle factory in pokemon

Additional Info

Thorton is the head of the battle factory located in the battle frontier in sinnoh and Johto. He originally appeared in pokemon platinium and then made another appearance again in pokemon heartgold and soulsilver. Since he does not have any actual pokemon, he uses rentals. He uses 3 random pokemon, in these games, just as the player does. In the roleplays, his random pokemon changes in each roleplay.

Appearance 1.

He first appears in the abandoned stadium. In this appearance, he tries to help Lance defeat Giovanni and Smithy.He uses these random pokemon:


Known moves: Brick break, agility, dig, bounce

Known for using dig a lot in the stadium. When it used agility, it's weight cut the speed change in half. It was the last one standing in the stadium.


known moves: fire punch, rest, body slam.

She was important in the stadium as she was the only one with the sound proof ability, meaning that she was resistant to Giovanni's steelix using screech attacks.


known moves: icicle spear, stealth rock, earthquake

He is slow but a key powerhouse in defeating Giovanni. He sacrifised his life to save Lance's charizard from a powerful rock slide attack from Giovanni's Sandslash

Appearance 2.


Known Moves: Belly drum, lick, gyro ball


Known moves: ice punch, psychic, reflect


Known moves: aerial ace, giga drain, x-scissor, protect


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