Falco is an ace pilot of Star Fox as well a good friend and friendly rival with Fox.

Falco Lombardi

200px-Falco Lombardi Brawl
First Roleplay Mentioned In The Cave of Nex/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Orcus/Roleplay
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Star Fox
Homeland Corneria
Species Pheasant
Profession/Occupation pilot
Roleplayed by Icefern

Additional Info

Mostly brash, Falco tends to get to the point of a battle. He often annoys people with his cocky attitude, and has been a rogue pilot many times. His family is unknown, and he debuted in The Cave of Nex/Roleplay.

The Cave of Nex/Roleplay

Falco shows himself to the group, disheveled. He tries to prove himself by shooting the Megalodon on the nose. The Megalodon then tosses him into the air, as if a ragdoll. Swimming, he managed to stab it in the eye. As the water disappeared, he made a solid impact to the ground, knocking the air out of him. Recovering, he shot the shark in the gills with his laser. With the group defeating the room, he gives Kogari a healing salve. He then helps light the lanterns in the second room. The monster only put it out. The lanterns are then all lit, dispersing the monster. They then go on towards the third room, the room of arachnids. Begrudgingly admitting he's not fond of spiders, he continues. As they stepped foot in the room, they were met by a rainforest. Seeing the spiders, Falco quickly starts shooting. Continuing, Arachne appears, shooting a web at Falco. It caught his hand. As Arachne neared, preparing to bite him, he tried breaking free, now terrified. Seeing no other option, he tried shooting, only rewarded with bites from the smaller spiders. As if it were never there, the room vanished. They then continued to the room of the volcano. Distracted, Incendium then falls onto Falco. Growing dizzy with the weight on him, he then fainted. Coming through, he managed to get free from the rocks.

The Secret/Roleplay

Falco was briefly seen hiding behind two buildings.


To be filled.

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