The Faltori are a species from Simia.

Additional Info

They are often called the 'flightless.' They look most like birds but cannot fly, there have been many theories as to how this could have happened. It is believed they could have came from the rock planet Fulroie or the sky planet Faltar. The name Faltori was a combination of the two. There are different breeds of the creatures:


Probably the oldest. These look like Dodos and are endangered. Notible lifeforms include the Dodo brothers, a criminal group. Also, people have reported to have seen a criminal in the area whom they believe is from another planet. His name is the Dodo and he looks an awful lot like a Dodu but he seems to just be a human. Is he the leader of the Dodo brothers? Who knows.


They are considered to be the most eligent,beautiful and colourful. They look most like flamingos and peacocks.


They are Cassowary and Ostrich like in appearance and nature. They are very powerful and aggresive and are fast runners.

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