Fel-Kor is a NiiVan physicist who has begun work with advanced relativity and interplanar portals. He is similar in appearance to a Blaziken Pokemon, but more aquiline and with blue-silver feathers.

Additional Info

Fel-Kor is average in height for a NiiVan, and is quite skilled with a Wakizashi Sword which he wields with one of his pectoral talons. He has genius-level IQ but has fallen on hard times, due to his "ridiculous" work with portals. He has seen flashes of N, Link, and Kirby but has so far been unable to communicate with them. He has spoken to Nin on various occasions. He is an expert pilot. His custom armor is slightly lighter than average but due to its unique finish it is just as strong. He is about 30 years old, which is about 24 in human years. He is very powerful in battle but do to his hollow bones is especially susceptible to injury and concussion.

Work with Portals:

Fel-Kor has begun to exploit relativity to create portals in the same time but different spaces (it's actually the same portal existing in M theoretical space) and different spaces but the same time. So far he has been unsuccesful in keeping them sustained for longer than seven seconds. 

The Web/Roleplay:

Fel-Kor opens the portal in this roleplay, his first appearance. He meets Kayle, Seurok, and Alex, though the last does not stay. Apparently it was Fel-Kor who awakened Fasrek and started the battle culminating in Gibs's death. Fel-Kor will be unable to live this down and morally obligated to help Luigi on his quest to figure out the code.

The Jungle Code/Roleplay:

Fel-Kor discovers Isaac in a warehouse and reactivates him.

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