Ferrus is a male Bakugan with two large spikes on his shoulders and two blades mounted on his back.


First Roleplay Mentioned In The Price of Power/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Shroomapocalypse/Roleplay
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Bakugan
Homeland Neathia
Species Unknown Bakugan
Profession/Occupation Unknown
Roleplayed by Icefern

Additional Info

Ferrus is noted to be commonly rational and humble. Ferrus was born in Neathia, but his parents are unknown. He has no siblings. Ferrus was looking for a new world to call home after being banished from Neathia.

The Price of Power/Roleplay

He arrived in Hyrule and is thinking about settling there. After seeing what state Hyrule is in during The Price of Power/Roleplay, Ferrus decides to aid the group to "defeat" Link.


Ferrus has settled into the Caligo Mountain pretty well.

Not too long later, he meets a stranger, going by "Tempus," who gathers him with others in a group to stop Kogari from causing mass destruction. He hasn't been mentioned after Tempus left him to be in charge of questions.


To be filled.

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