G'lar is a dragon relatively new to Natura.

Current Alliances Unknown
Past Alliances Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings None
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Unknown
Homeland Unknown
Species Unknown
Profession/Occupation None
Roleplayed by PG

Additional Info

Although a dragon at heart, G'lar bears a stronger resemblance to a large snake. He has red scales, gold spikes, underbelly, and eye ridges, and large green eyes with yellow pupils. G'lar has always been easily distracted, and often loses track of a conversation.

A World of Change/Roleplay

G'lar sees a group in the distance, deciding if he should help or not. Deciding to, he wrapped his tail around one of the robots.

Parallel Worlds/Roleplay

G'lar crashes into Zake, quickly apologizing. He at first questions N about putting up a barrier, but then chose not to.


G'lar is first greeted by Marth. G'lar then slithers towards a group consisting of R.S, Ace, Fel-Kor, King, and Captain Falcon. About to ask R.S. who he was, he was suddenly cut off by spores latching onto him. Tsunami, unsuccessfully, made an attempt to deshroomify him. With Ace shooting at him and the speed he was going, it was only a matter of time before he became tangled. Struggling to get free, G'lar is then faced with a few attacks from Ace and Fel-Kor. King managed to get some deshroomifier on him, but it was not enough. Afterwards, Marth stabs at G'lar's tail. Finally free, G'lar slithers away, met with King, who failed to spray the last bit of the deshroomifier on him. After hearing Soul, G'lar has a moment of hesitation when he leaves through smoke. As he changed course towards Soul, King sprays some deshroomifier on G'lar, causing him to cease. Afterwards, G'lar went to Marth's side. G'lar, seeing King's plan in action, somewhat dumbfounded, questions it.

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