Ganondorf is the main villain in LoZ.

Additional Info

Ganondorf was first defeated by Link. The hero imprisoned the "King of Evil" and the twilight energy that he had used was lifted from the area. This ability was then granted to Link. Ganondorf realized that he couldn't get his revenge on Link and the people of Hyrule by himself, so he constructed a copy of his enemy which is called Shadow Link. This evil copy of Link turned against his creator and seriously injured him, then left. After he was healed, Ganondorf formed an army and almost conquered Hyrule, though the Battle of Lake Hylia due to the message delivered by Cher Ami turned the war in favor of Hyrule and led to his defeat. He was then forced into hiding. He was then killed by Dark Link so the evil copy could take the Triforce of Power.

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