James jungle Gibson (often abbrievated to Gibs) is the butler of Lord Primius of Simia.

Additional info

Gibs is a gibbon whom it is not certain where he came from. They are two ideas. Firstly that he originally was born in Apia, or secondly that he came from some kind of desert for outcasts in Boon. His brother is Ode jungle Gibson (known as Odius Moss)

The web roleplay

Gibs gets lost in Natura, after falling into a portal. He is saved by Luigi when he falls in a portal.  Gibs later dies in the fight against Fasrek of the Cosmic beasts

The Jungle code roleplay

Luigi takes the body  of Gibs to Simia to find out about the strange last words of Gibs.


  • It is said he comes from a line of butlers who served the Simian kings. This line of butlers were always some kind of low down Simian. Much like the lesser apes family of Monkies in our world whom are as the name suggests, lesser to the greater apes.

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