Giovanni is the leader of team rocket.

Additional info

Many years ago, Giovanni was a ground type gym leader in the Kanto region. He was also the leader of the villainous Team Rocket whom Red defeated. He fled from the Pokemon world after being deleted by a similar trainer in Johto.

 Jungle Code rp,


150px-FireRed LeafGreen Giovanni

Giovanni, in his rocket suit without the hat

Current Alliances we hear of Giovanni's plans to revive Team Rocket once again in the stadium.
Past Alliances

Team rocket (about 2/3 yrs ago in the Pokemon world)

Mother Madame Boss
Father Unknown

unnamed twin brother. (he also has his son, Silver)

Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Pokemon
Homeland Kanto/ Johto (Maybe)
Species Human

Gym leader/leader

of team rocket/ unoccupied

Roleplayed by Johnson ace

He is seen using his pokemon, some of which have been stolen, to protect the group. He has many pokemon but his prize is a Persian. The list of all his pokemon would be too big here, but some examples are a pawniard, a joltik, a murkrow, a scyther, a magmar, etc

Appearance in the stadium

A long time after, he appeared in the abandoned stadium helping smithy take control. He uses his new and improved ground type team here, as well as a few wildcards.He plans on reviving team rocket by gaining the stadium as a base. He has a more definate team, loosing many pokemon and sticking to some of the ones he originally had, as well as introducing a few. Some of his pokemon have evolved, some have even evolved past two stages here.


He played a vital role. Giovanni's plan was to evolve his onix that he previously had into steelix using a metal coat. It then wrestled Lance's Gyrados and used screech, stunning all pokemon on the battlefield, appart from factory head thorton's whismur, which had the soundproof ability. Steelix was responsible for entombing Bowser in rocks. It eventually fell after a fire punch from thorton's whismur. Survived past when Giovanni left the stadium.


One of Giovanni's most powerful pokemon. It used the powerful combination of slash and dig. It also knows break break, was used to stun enemies like thorton's mamoswine and rock slide. Despite taking many blows, it stayed in the stadium the longest of any of Giovanni's pokemon


A more minor pokemon in this appearance. It knew mud slap and was quite weak compared to Thorton and Lance's abilities.


It knew thunder punch and it's signature move, bonemerang. It was knocked out by a waterfall used by Lance's Gyrados.


One of Giovanni's favourites and more major members of his team. One of the most powerful. Survived past when Giovanni left the stadium.


Also a more major pokemon and a favourite. He is very fast and powerful. He seems to have evolved since his last appearance. This is strange because, the games happen before the roleplays and HonchKrow was already in Giovanni's team within the games. This tells us that Giovanni may be raising pokemon from the original's eggs, or prehaps, the games happen after. Was knocked


His first appearance and probably Giovanni's newest pokemon. He knows sandstorm, and can used in a special way, creating a huge tornado pillar of sand.


Evolved from a Rhydon in this chapter, he was probably used against Red when he was a Rhyhorn, in both the Gym battles and when he was in silph co. Therefore, he is one of Giovanni's aces. He is known for powerful horn drill and drill run attacks. He also knows the powerful rock wrecker, in which he launches rocks gathered in his arms.


One of Giovanni's beloved. It helped Nidoqueen. Sent out when Giovanni left the stadium.


One of Giovanni's beloved. it helped Nidoking. Sent out when Giovanni left the stadium


Fought Lance's Aerodactyl. The newest in Giovanni's team. Sent out when Giovanni left the stadium.


  • His english name is italian in origin, hinting that team rocket may be based of the mafia.
  • The gio part of his name  may be based of Giò, a main belt asteroid
  • Gio is actually a name which means "farmer"


Spr B2W2 Giovanni

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