Great Mage College

Video Game Universe Original Creation
Region/Country Plixatus
Notable Inhabitants Ephraim Snout, Kogari (Expelled)

The Great Mage College is an organization centered in the northern Eparatum Mountains.

Additional Info


The Great Mage College in Plixatus was created at the end of the Plixean Civil War. The Nobles founded it in powerful magical ruins with the intent to band together the arcane colleges scattered around the country. Since the founding there has only been one headmaster so far, Proffesor Ephraim Snout, who runs the college as well as the Mystic Council that resides within the college walls.


The College today focuses on teaching young students with magical apitude. Although everybody is able to join, most have to pay a heafty price unless they are very gifted in the field of magic. Six main areas of magic are focused upon: Elemental, Spirit, Illusion, Creation, Light, and Dark. There are, however, specialized courses that may linger out of these main six groups. About 500 students attend this school, with about an equal number specializing in each area of magic.


The bottom layer contains the classes. This level is the widest as the classes have to be pretty large to teach the destructive magic some learn. This level also countains the main hall, the eating area, and several other empty rooms that no one knows why they were built. A spiral staircase in the center leads up to the middle levels.

The middle levels contain the dormatories and the rooms for the teachers. Each student is given a bed and a trunk to store books, magical tools, and personal belongings. The teachers are given modest-sized rooms with a bed, closet, drawers, cabinent, and comfy chair inside. The bathrooms are also built on this level.

The high levels contain the personal chambers for the members of the Mystic Council. Although only a few are used at a time, each is specially crafted to that person. Only a few choice souls know the contents of these rooms, and that is the way they like it. The top floor is the meeting room for the Council, and even less know the contents and going-ons in this room. Some say they hear whispers of conspiracies and plannings of forbidden magic. Most of these people are called insane and banished from the school premises for the rest of their lives.

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