Hyrule Castle is a location in the Legend of Zelda.

Hyrule Castle

Video Game Universe Legend of Zelda
Region/Country Hyrule Capital City, Eldin Province
Notable Inhabitants Princess Zelda, Sheik, Quicksilver

Additional Info

Hyrule Castle is located in Hyrule Capital City, Eldin Province. It is a large castle where the royal family lives. It is highly prone to attack despite all of its guards, mainly because these guards lack the ability to properly defend it. It is very decorative and well lit where the royalty lives and works, though some of the luxuries were lost during the Hyrulean Civil War when the castle was raided. There are many other rooms in the castle though these are rarely seen. These rooms are often quite dangerous because of the monsters that have taken residence in the royalty's absence. There are many secret passageways where people can enter and exit in secret.

Outside of the castle is a large stone wall. There is an area of grass separating the castle from the wall with many bushes and fountains. There are also ramparts offering a way for incoming enemies to be seen and dealt with by the guards.

Many plants are kept and grown in pots that are placed in various hallways around the castle.  Many of these plants have been killed during attacks, though.

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