The Page for the event, the Hyrulean Civil War.

Hyrulean Civil War

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Video Game Universe Legend of Zelda
Location of Event (Country/Region) Hyrule
Date of Event December 2, 1984 - May 25, 2010 (26 years)
Causes and Effects
Summary The monarchy of Hyrule starves and taxes it's middle/poor class too heavily so they revolt. This war is both a revolution and a civil war since the country becomes divided.

This event is over.

Additional Info

The Hyrulean Civil War almost split the fictional country in two. According to this wiki, it stooped about seven years ago when Link was ten years old. His mother and father died in that war. Sheik's father also fought in that war, but was not killed in it. It is ignored by most Hylains because of how horrible it was.