Ike has purple hair, a gold sword, and a reddish gold cape. Ike is 17 and best friends with Marth.


First Roleplay Mentioned In Super Smash/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Shroomapocalypse/Roleplay
Mother Greil
Father Elena
Siblings Mist (Sister)
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Fire Emblem
Homeland Gallia
Species Human
Profession/Occupation Ranger/Fighter/Mercenary
Roleplayed by Night

Additional Info

Super Smash/Roleplay:

Ike was not a major character in the roleplay until The Game of Death. He became allies with his best friend, Marth, and ended up winning the "game."

The Slasher/Roleplay:

Ike was seen treating Chaos's wounds in his house. After this event, he is not mentioned again.


In Shroomapocalypse, Ike is seen with Ferrus and is about to get in a fight with him when he suddenly gets poisoned by a needle.

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