The Issendrix Space Program is the official government space program of the NiiVan, and so far the only space program to send a manned mission into deep space.


The original idea for the Issendrix Space Program, first concieved by a visionary but anonymous author, was found in a book left behind after the man comitted suicide because he was scheduled to be executed. This execution was one of the last acts of the king of Baymor before he was assassinated, and the book was found much later. Eventually politicians and scientists decided that the knowledge of the universe was needed to ensure the advancement of NiiVan culture, and the money was there to fund a space program. After careful selection processes, if young NiiVan are determined suitable to be a pilot, an engineer, a crew member, or a scientist for this program, they are admitted. The ISAP has been generally successful so far, and is located on the same island as the city of Kinhotys, prompting large membership by citizens of this city.

Methods of Propulsion and Types of Ships

Most NiiVan ships utilize the burning of gas as a method of propulsion. Usually methane is used, but helium and argon have also worked. By emitting xenon gas through a small port, probes are able to have highly efficient but low-speed travel. The experimental cruiser Perijove was the first ship to exhibit a warp drive. A warp drive enables faster-than-light travel by shooting particles like neutrinos, which can go faster than light, out of the stern to provide reactionary thrust. Most interstellar ships now use jump drives, which use quantum leaps to go from place to place. Examples of both warp and jump drives can be found in Star Trek and the Steam game FTL: Faster Than Light respectively. NiiVan ships include frigates, cruisers, carriers, and  scouting ships.

List of launches (chronological order)

Issen: NiiVan homeworld

Muris: Issen's Moon

Rigel I-VII, Rigel IX-XIII: Other planets in Rigel System

Launch Name Destination Success? Add'l Notes
Visoprobe I Issen Orbit Success Camera probe.
Visoprobe II Issen Orbit Success
Radioprobe I Issen Orbit Failed after several days in orbit. Radio probe.
Stargazer Issen Sub-Orbit Success First manned.
Visoprobe III Issen Orbit Failure

Launch error, Visoprobe project abandoned.

Radioprobe II Issen Orbit Success Still operating.
SPIRE Issen Sub-Orbit Success 3 NiiVan aboard.
Pyro I Issen Orbit and Return Success Manned.
Manta I Issen Orbital Station Failure First casualties (7).
Pyro II Muris Intercept and Return Sucess Manned.
Radioprobe III Issen Orbit Failure
Manta II Issen Orbital Station Success, later scrapped. Manned.
Radioprobe IV Issen Orbit Success Last Radioprobe, still operating.
Pyro III Muris Orbit Failure Launch failed, no casualties.
Pyro IV Muris Intercept and Return Success
Pyro V Muris Success First exo-Issen EVA.
Oyster I Dock to Manta II Success
Y-12 (1) Spaceplane Success First spaceplane.
Y-12 (2) Spaceplane Success
Pyro VI Muris Success
Y-12 (3) Spaceplane Failed Crashed in a field.
Cryo I Rigel VII visit, Rigel VI  Success First exit of Issen's SOI.
Oyster II Dock to Manta II Success
Manta III Orbital Station Success Still operating.
Cryo II Rigel V Success First manned exit of Issen's SOI.
Cryo III Rigel V Success Manned.
Cryo IV Rigel III-d Failure Disintegrated due to heat, 4 casualties.
Oyster III All 3 Oysters dock to Manta III Success
Oyster IV Dock to Manta III  Success
Pyro VI Eliminate Near-Issen Asteroid Success
Pyro VII Muris Base Success First base, last Pyro, still operating.
Cryo V Rigel V Base Success Still operating.
Cryo VI Rigel V Base Failure Destroyed due to decoupler error, 6 casualties.
Cryo VII Rigel IV Failure Crashed, 2 casualties.
Cryo VIII Rigel VI-a Success Had to cut mission short due to Rigel VI transit, last Cryo.
Deep Hunter I Deep Space, visit Rigel IX, X, XIII Success First Rigel exit.
Deep Hunter II Deep Space, visit Rigel XI, XIII Success
Deep Hunter III Deep Space, visit Rigel XI, XII Success Last Deep Hunter.
Oyster V Dock to Manta III Success Last Oyster.
Dusk I Rigel IX Failure Unknown cause of failure, 3 casualties.
Dusk II Rigel IX Failure Launch error, no casualties.
Dusk III Rigel IX Success Manned.
Dusk IV Rigel X-c Success Manned.
Aeris Moons of Rigel VII Success Still operating.
Dusk V Rigel IX Base Success Still operating.
Dusk VI Rigel X-g Base Success Still operating.
Dusk VII Rigel XII-b Failure Exploded reentering atmosphere, 3 casualties, Dusk project abandoned.
Ascencion I Altair IV Success First manned Rigel Exit, first warp drive.
Ascencion II Pollux XI Success
Perijove Simia, Zirack Success See The Web/Roleplay.
SPIRE refit Terra Success First mission to Terra.
Ascencion III Terra Success
Ascencion further missions Terra, Zirack 80% success rate Trading and tourism missions.

Rigel System

Rigel I: Scorched ball, no moons.

Rigel II: Scorched ball, moon has deorbited and crashed into planet.

Rigel III: Gas giant, large and has rings, 8 small moons

Rigel IV: Scorched ball, no moons.

Rigel V: Barren wasteland, 2 small moons, 1 large moon.

Rigel VI: Thermoplanet, surrounded by asteroid field.

Rigel VII: Gas giant, large and has rings, 18 small moons, 5 large moons.

Issen (Rigel VIII): Homeworld of the NiiVan, cool mesoplanet, 1 large moon.

Rigel IX: Psychroplanet, has rings, 2 large moons.

Rigel X: Neptunian, 11 small moons, 1 large moon.

Rigel XI: Frozen ball, 4 small moons.

Rigel XII: Large gas giant, 34 small moons, 2 large moons.

Rigel XIII: Neptunian, 12 small moons, 3 large moons.

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