Terror is 21 years old and has black hair and brown eyes. He is Chaos' older brother.

Additional Info

Terror's real name is Joshua Wolfe, but just like his younger brother, his name was replaced with "Terror" over time. He is an assassin and is extremely skilled with firearms. Although he is not as good of a fighter as Chaos, he underestimates his brother and believes that his brother cannot fight as well as him. When he was fourteen, his parents were murdered and that left him, Chaos, and their younger sister Abigail alone. Terror killed his younger sister in the confusion of his parents murder by mistake.

Afterwards, he became an assassin and would kill people for money, and so did Chaos. He noticed after a while that his little brother was better at it then he was, and seemed to become jealous. Now, as stated before, he believes that he is better than Chaos and wishes to prove that by killing him the next time they meet.

Coming soon!

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