Kaito was a once handsome man with tan skin, red eyes, blonde hair, and pointed ears. He is a Sheikah.

Additional Info

Kaito lived in Kakariko Village his whole life. When he was in his teens, he showed a great skill with a sword. But he threw all his talent away when he became addicted to smoking and alcohol. He married Takara at a young age because she was pregnant with his son. She realized that he was an awful person, and divorced him soon after. Once Sheik was born, she left Kaito with the child. While Sheik was growing up, he was neglected and abused by his father. He joined the military during the "Hyrulean Civil War." He was the one who killed Link's mother. Sheik was happy when his father left, because he thought he would be killed in the war. When he came back several years later, he was very disappointed.

He died recently before Sheik was trapped in the arena.