Artwork by Frostsoul

First Roleplay Mentioned In The Four Seasons/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Web/Roleplay

Real: Unknown                         Addopted: A simple farmer


Real: Unknown                        Addopted: A simple farmer


Real: Unknown                       Addopted: Naya (Sister)

Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe None
Homeland Plixatus
Species Human
Profession/Occupation Hunter
Roleplayed by Frostsoul1324

Kayle is a 16 year old girl from the same town as Kogari . She is a skilled hunter and archer. She also carries a dagger at her side in order to skin the animal or if it comes to close. She and Kogari are close friends, although they did not see each other for several years.

Additional Info

Kayle awoke one day when she was 2 outside the woods of Kogari's villiage. She had no memory of her past life and started wandering around the woods. A villiage family saw her and took her, and they raised her as their own. As she grew up, she loved to run around the woods and climb trees, at hich she was soon very good at. When she reached the age of 8, her addopted father taught her how to use a bow

When she reached 10, her addopted father died, leaving her and her family without a job or income. At this point, Kayle started hunting and getting food for her mother and older sister, Naya. At one point she met Kogari, and the two grew close friends. They stayed in touch often while Kogari was at school, but never heard from him after he got expelled.

When she turned fifteen, a strange man in a brown cloak appeared. He told her to search for Kogari, her family would understand. Kayle took her bow and dagger, and journeyed off into the woods searching for her friend.


She is shown to be caring and trsting. She loves to joke around and tease a little, though never so much that people think she's serious. Kayle has grown an affinity with animals and always loves to be with them. Very curious, she always leaps ahead into a mystery, although this often gets her in trouble she didn't intend to make.

Kayle dislikes evil and darkness, but knows that the two are not one and the same. She will tolerate the darkness if she knows the people commanding it are good.


  • She is shown to be proficient with steam technology despite having no formal schooling in the matter.

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