Kirby is a character that looks like a pink sphere with arms and legs.

Additional Info

Kirby fainted when the arena was attacked by Shadow Beasts. Pichu had to revive him later. He helped rescue Lucario from the Piranha Plant and Icy the cat.

Even Lucario can't understand him, but they are close friends. He can not form words properly, but makes a lot of noise. He's always trying to steal Link's hat and sword, but fails most of the time.

Kirby and Lucario's room are burned by Ridley.

After defeating his copy, Kirby falls asleep while Lucario fights Ridley's copy.

He is forced to fight Meta Knight. His opponent wins, but Lucario then defeats Meta Knight because he insulted her friend.

During the Game of Death, Kirby kills no one and dies from frostbite. He leaves to Popstar without Meta Knight after the SBs are reset.


  • Kirby is 200 years old, this is still an infant for his species.
    • This fact was from the anime, and may or may not be canon.
    • In human years, he would be about one year old.