Kryo is a small, island/country.  It is located on the planet Terra, but it is very far away from the other areas located on this planet.

Additional Info


Kryo is located near the polar regions of Terra.  The climate is cool during the summer with plentiful, cold rain, but the winters are harsh and freezing cold.  Coniferous forests cover much of the island to the south, but in the northern part of the country only small grasses and shrubs can grow.  Snow often blankets the ground and the sky is generally very gray and cloudy.

Lakes are very common in Kryo, though they are small and deep with their surfaces normally frozen over.  Many types of fish live in these lakes, which are an important food source.  A good 35% are brackish, or half salt half fresh, since they are very close to the ocean.

Being an island, Kryo is surrounded by oceans.  People fish in these waters, though the waves are strong and if a person's boat is sunk hypothermia is inevitable.

Kryo has also claimed many smaller islands to the north.  Mainland Kryo is the largest island where the city is located.  The other smaller islands are smaller in population, but do have several settlements.


Coming soon!


Since Kryo is so small, its government is a true democracy.  Officials are elected once a year, and everyone over 21 and who is a citizen of Kryo may vote (people who live in the smaller islands must travel to mainland Kryo to vote though).  Surprisingly, there is very little corruption in the Kryo government, though people who have received education from the Kryo Academy of Education are normally elected.      

Fauna and Flora:

Since the climate is very cold in Kryo, most of the plant life is small grasses and shrubs.  Though, further south, dense coniferous forests thrive.  The entire coast of Kryo is covered in kelp forests, though further north they are much thinner.  

Many fish live in the kelp forests surrounding Kryo.  These fish, which can also be found in lakes, are used for food.  More coming soon! 

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