Lance is the champion of Johto

Additional Info

Lance is a dragon master and uses pokemon which resemble dragons as well as pokemon that can learn dragon type moves.he comes from blackthorn city in the Johto region of the pokemon world.

The Stadium

He first appears fighting Giovanni and smithy in the now abandoned stadium


wrestled Giovanni's Steelix and used waterfall at Giovanni's marowak.


An ace of the skies, he uses flamethrower and dragon claw. He can mega evolve into Charizard mega X and so used this to save Iggy from Honchkrow. Faints after being hit by many dark pulses made by Giovanni's Honchkrow.


Knows thunderfang and aerial ace. A more minor pokemon but still posed a threat.

Dragonite 1

It fought with the other Dragonite to help it send back Giovanni's Nidoking and Nidoqueen. It defeated Giovanni's Honchkrow and fought against Giovanni's Krokorok. It knows dragon rush and thunder

Dragonite 2

In double battles, it fights with the other Dragonite. In the stadium, this was shown when fighting against Giovanni's Nidoqueen and Nidoking. It knows Blizzard and dragon rush


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