Lily is a Chikorita. She has violet eyes.

Additional Info

Lily was raised in a house in the Pokemon Wold away from any other town. She left her family at at ten to become an explorer. She loves nature and all plant life. She is very kind but is an aggressive fighter. Her favorite food is kimchi and rice. Her siblings are Tomas, Laelia, Silvano, and Joseph. Her mother is Ann.

The Doppelganger/Roleplay:

Lily enters the roleplay after the group escaped The Cave of Nex. She decided to go exploring in Hyrule, but she realized that something was not right. She started to travel with Link and his friends, but finds Iggy, Servine, Ridley, and Keldeo very annoying. She thinks Keldeo is a total idiot for trying to hypnotize her and talking random nonsense. When Link snaps at Iggy, she was mildly frightened by him because she didn't think he possessed such wild emotions.

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