"Never is a beast more deadly then when it is injured..."
Lucario thinking about Link

Lucario is a Pokemon who can sense aura.

Additional Info

Lucario was abducted by Icy's Piranha Plant in the RP. She was rescued by Mewtwo, Pichu, Kirby, and Link, an she hated every moment of it.

She is more of a tomboy in terms of personality. She is close friends with Kirby, even though she can't understand a word he says. She finds Link to be depressing and thinks he is mute. When she found out that he could talk, she was shocked.

Her and Kirby's room is burned by Ridley.

When her evil copy shows up in the arena, she is the first to discover that they can be defeated by a simple touch of their model. She is also the person who almost destroys the copy of Ridley after all of the smaller copies are dead.

Durring Christmas time, Riolu asks is she is happy about Christmas. She tells him that she is Jewish and dosen't celebrate that holiday.

She yells at Iggy when he tries to interveiw her. Iggy tries to let her escpae, but she is teleported back to the arena. She breaks down into tears and starts praying out loud in the stadium.

She is seen arguing with Iggy, but nothing more. She is then seen trying to treak Jake's wounds.

Durring the Game of Death, she kills no one. She was beaten to death by Sheik after Sora was killed by Whirlwind.

She reset Archimedes with the help of Link. She left for home and said goodbye to Kirby and then left.


  • Officially Lucario is a boy on SSBB, but on this wiki she is a girl.
  • For a Lucario Pokemon, she fails at sensing aura.
  • She is 14 years old, and so far the youngest fighter on the wiki chronologically.
  • She is Jewish.
  • She had a twin sister named Adina.
  • Her real name was Yardena, but it has been replaced with just "Lucario" over time.