Mario is the main protagonist from the hit video game series, Super Mario Bros. He is a relatively short and stout man with an iconic mustache and red hat.

Additional Info

Mario is Icy's former RP character. Now Smithyreborn's new character

Mario is first seen talking to Zelda. He is not seen again in the roleplay until Iggy finds him trying to hack into the stadium's control system. When he is not training, he is fixing the stadium's plumbing to make life easier for everyone. His brother is Luigi, and his girlfriend is Princess Peach.

When he and Iggy are chained down by the stadium bosses, one of them points a Colt Anaconda at him. Mario makes fun of the revolver and then the boss threatens to shoot him in the head.

RP with Forge

He appeared in the stadium where he supposedly defeated Smithy by using acid then he attacked Windwing, who was destroying the stadium. He got beaten up badly and died. Lava surrounds his corpse where Windwing threw him. Two shadey figures were then seen enchanting him so that he would become evil.


  • He has a very heavy Italian accent.