Marth has blue hair, his sword is gold and silver, and his best friend is Ike . He is 16 years old.


First Roleplay Mentioned In Super Smash/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In The Slasher/Roleplay
Mother Liza
Father Cornelius
Siblings Elice (Sister)
Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Fire Emblem
Homeland Altea
Species Human
Profession/Occupation "Lord"
Roleplayed by Night

Additional Info

Super Smash/Roleplay:

Marth's first appearance when when he had spoken to Link about the Hylain's parents, saying that they must have been "nice wolves." This enrages Link, so he storms off, and Marth seems confused about the entire event. He is seen later at The Game of Death and becomes allies with Ike. He died though, while his friend turned out to be "the victor."

The Slasher/Roleplay:

Marth gets attacked by kurat randomly and almost dies by the wounds. He is the one who kills Jane, "The Slasher."

The Steam Cores/Roleplay:

Marth is seen wandering around hyrule field and then sitting on a rock. He soon gets bored and walks into castle town so he can get some shade under a house. An explosion occurs and Marth walks inside of hyrule castle with deep wounds.

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