Melanthios is a male Zekrom. Unlike most of his species, he has very "dragon-like" wings and looks more thin.


No image
First Roleplay Mentioned In Worlds End/Roleplay
Last Roleplay Mentioned In Same
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown

Photios (Brother), Luke (Adoptive Brother), Susannah (Adoptive Sister), Soul (Brother)

Video Game Universe
Video Game Universe Pokemon
Homeland Ancra Town
Species Pokemon (Zekrom)
Profession/Occupation Adventurer

Additional Info

Melanthios is very nice and humble. He hates his "brother" Photios, because he is so arrogant.

He is good friends with Alya.

His adoptive sister is Susannah, who found him and his brother in an abandoned nest. His adoptive brother is Luke, but he isn't very close to him; they are more like friends than brothers.


  • He is based off of Icy's Zekrom that she got from the Mystery Gift. It is lv. 100.

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