Metrodora is a woman with bright, "amber-colored" hair an red eyes. She is a Sheikah.

Additional Info

Metrodora was the only child of her parents. Her father worked as a fisherman, and they considered themselves to be "lower-middle class." She is very kind, but is incredibly skilled at fighting. She had a crush on Leonidas when she was ten, and so did he, but they couldn't talk to each other because she feared "class differences."

Her father is extremely laid-back, "lazy" as Leonidas' father says, but that is untrue. He worked very hard every day, and if his family were ever in danger, he would fight to the death to make sure that they were alright.

Her mother is much more strict than her father, but such a thing isn't very hard. Other than that, she is nice, but short tempered.

Metrodora married Leonidas, and had one son with him, Link. She was killed during a Civilian Massacre. The only thing that remains of her is her journal.